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Over the years Buckingham has designed and manufactured many iterations of a wood pole fall restriction device. First came the original BuckSqueeze™, then the SuperSqueeze™, and finally the EZ Squeeze™, well, we’ve come full circle. Introducing the BuckSqueeze™ Lite, Buckingham’s lightest wood pole fall restriction device to date! For user's that preffered the Bucksqueeze™, the Bucksqueeze Lite is for you.


*Orders usually ship in 7-14 business days.

  • Features

    • Buckingham’s lightest WPFR device to date! Just 3.5 lbs. Our closest competitor weighs nearly double.
    • Nose D-ring:
      • Constructed of a large easy to connect d-ring section featuring a slotted “nose” section that interlocks with the rotosnap to create a rigid connection, which makes ascending and descending the pole easier and more efficient.
      • The large d-ring section creates ease of reconnecting while transitioning, allowing for more efficient transfers. Great for rodeos!
    • An Ergonomic handle that allows the inner rope to move freely providing the user maximum control of the device and comfort during long days on the pole.
    • An aluminum WebGrab™ that features an extended eye cam efficiently positions the inner strap that creates zero binding and allows for easier replacement of the inner strap.
    • The “teeth” located on the WebGrab™ allow for easier lateral movement while working around the pole compared to later models featuring the “spike”. The “teeth” will dig into the pole in the event of a fall.
    • Elimination of the "spike" allows the user to ascend and descend easier.
    • The BuckHorn adjustment lever attached to the WebGrab™ allows for ease of adjustment of the outerstrap, without the need for the user to remove their weight from the device.
    • Aluminum double action oval carabiners with an offset opening gate allow for easy connections to the body belt.
    • Wear-resistant Treblekern Tough Rope™ inner strap constructed with an energy-absorbing nylon core, a red braided polyester inner cover (red wear indicator), and an abrasion and heat resistant Technora outer sheath that eliminates the need for a wear guard. No more jamming of your wear guard!
      • Features a permanent steel tail end keeper that can be stored on a Buckingham M4 retro magnet. This will keep your tail end away from your gaffs!
    • Using the BuckGrab™, the BuckSqueeze-Lite™ features easy one-handed adjustment of the inner rope strap.
    • One disconnection point when climbing over an obstruction.
    • Easily used by right or left-handed users.
    • Red warning center within straps to facilitate visual inspection for excessive wear.
    • 3600 lbf. gate rated hardware.
    • Its modular design makes it easy to change out worn or damaged components or straps in the field.
  • Tech Specs

    Product Number: 486DK4MA
    Product Name: BuckSqueeze™ Lite
    Body Belt Connector Type: Double Action Carabiners
    Body Belt Connector Material: Aluminum
    Inner Strap Length: 48"
    Inner Strap Material: Treblekern Tough Rope™
    Inner Adjustment Type: Aluminum BuckGrab™
    Outer Strap Connection: Steel Rotosnap & Nose D-Ring
    Outer Strap Length: 44"
    Outer Strap Material: Neoprene Impregnated Nylon
    Outer Strap Adjustment Type: Aluminum WebGrab w/ Extended Oval Eye Cam
    Web Grab Teeth: Yes
    Ergonomic Handle: Yes
    Handle Material: Steel
    Buckhorn: Yes
    Pole Size: Up to a class 1 65′ Pole / 50″ Circumference
    Weight: 3.5 lbs.
    User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
    Standards: ASTM F887
    Made in the USA?: Yes
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