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Buckingham- Magnet Pouch

Buckingham- Magnet Pouch


The Magnet Pouch was designed to wrap onto 1 ¾” harness webbing or the belt strap on a body belt to allow the user to add on a magnet.

M4 is constructed from Arc Flash Tested materials that meet the requirements of ASTM F887.




  • As a lanyard parking attachment point for a lanyard hardware when not in use.
  • Store nuts and washers while working.
  • In conjunction with PN 600071, 600072, and 600073 Tool Tethers to hold small tools that are tethered to the user out of the way.


*Usually ships within 7 to 14 business days.


  • Tech Specs

    Product Number: M4
    Product Name: Magnet Pouch
    Length: 6.5"
    Width: 2"
    Weight: 2 oz.
    Material: Arc Flash Tested Material w/ Magnet
    Made in the USA?: Yes
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