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Bucklite™ Titanium GRiP™ Pole Climbers W/ Hook and Loop Strap

Bucklite™ Titanium GRiP™ Pole Climbers W/ Hook and Loop Strap


Weighing in at only 17 ounces, Buckingham’s BuckLite™ Titanium Climbers with Patented GRiP Technology™ bring the best of strength, lightweight functionality, and comfort together in a climber that cannot be found elsewhere on the market.


Now features hook and loop foot straps for a quicker and more secure strap.


*Usually ships within 7 - 14 business days.

BuckLite™ Titanium Pole Climbers were already one of the most popular climbers out, now we have brought the fan-favorite & patented GRiP™ (Gaff Ridge Position) Technology to these climbers!

  • GRiP™ Technology™ keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole.
  • Aids in preventing cutouts, allowing for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch.
  • Allows optimum gaff placement on the pole and promotes ease of climbing.
  • Available in Black and BuckViz Safety Green.


Climb like the old-timers but feel comfy like the new guys,” says one Journeyman Lineman who has worn the climbers with GRiP Technology™.

  • Tech Specs

    • BUCKLITE™ Titanium POLE Climbers are rated to 350 lbs. and exceeds ASTM F887 standards.
    • This is the only climber set in our product line that includes both GRiP Technology™ and a contoured shank. Unmatched comfort in a Titanium climber and lightest Titanium climber available.
    • Dowel & Screw design allows for easy gaff change out.
    • Hook and Loop foot straps.
    • High Strength-to-Density ratio (Strong and lightweight).
    • Corrosion-resistant titanium makes these climbers one of the most durable in the market.



    Product Name: Bucklite™ Titanium GRiP™ Pole Climbers W/ Hook and Loop Strap
    Material: Titanium
    Gaff Type: Pole
    Gaff Material: Steel
    Gaff Attachment Type: Screw / Dowel
    Gaff Angle: 16 Degree
    Foot Straps: Yes / Model No: 21401C
    Leg Straps: No
    Climber Pads: No
    GRiP: Yes
    Shank Type: Contoured Shank
    Stirrup Type: Offset
    Stirrup Width: Standard- 4 1/2″
    Sleeve Length: 1-3/4"
    Gaff Length: Standard

    User Weight


    350 lbs.
    Weight: 17 oz.
    Standards: ASTM F887
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