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Highliner- Bucket Hook

Highliner- Bucket Hook


The HIGHLINER bucket hook is the biggest and strongest bucket hook on earth!


It was designed with all you transmission hands in mind to hold those heavy  chain hoists, giant wire grips, rolled up 4/0 grounds and endless other tools or equipment. We made sure to make these hooks perfectly holster the beloved Milwaukee money gun impacts as well.


Now you can hang your impact between tasks with the drillbit still installed and it points safely downward. No more getting stabbed in the side and ripping shirts on drillbits. We tested this hook at over 1000 pounds for 24 hours with zero issues so we feel very safe with a labled weight rating of 250lbs.  Each hook is milled from 1" thick material just like the outrigger jack pads are made out of. Each hook comes with a career warranty and you can count on it lasting until then. Proudly made in our own factory located in Northern Arkansas.  Patent pending.


**This Item is 2-3 weeks out from manufacturing process.

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