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Hook Holster- Gaff Guards

Hook Holster- Gaff Guards


A Better Gaff Guard

Say so long to all your gaff guard headaches!

Crafted by a seasoned lineman, the pioneering Hook Holster comes in two versions tailored specifically for Buckingham or Bashlin spurs. Either way, it's like a brand on a steer, ain't comin' off!

Four small yet mighty magnets keep your gaffs secure in rugged conditions, whether scorching heat or freezing cold. The Hook Holster's innovative design orients these rare-earth magnets to create a special localized magnetic field that further bonds the Hook Holster to your gaffs.

But don't worry--when it's time to climb, the Hook Holster lets go faster than a bronc bustin' out of the chute! Just the ticket, whether you're finishing the last job of the day or saddling up for a line rodeo.

With reflective labels that shine like a lone star on a moonless night, your Hook Holsters are always easy to find, even when the sun's long gone. Whether you're wrangling a pole at dawn or calling it a day at dusk, rest easy knowing your gaff guards will be as easy to spot as a cowpoke in a haystack.

Crafted from ultra-durable premium plastic, the Hook Holster is built tough to withstand the rigors of the job. No more worrying about chunks chipping off your gaff guards. 

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