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MADI 10” Lineman Fuse Plier

MADI 10” Lineman Fuse Plier

Артикул: FP-1

6 Tools in 1: Plier + Side Cutter + 3 Wrenches + Fuse Cap Remover


  • All-in-One Fuse Changing Solution
  • Integrated:
    • Wrenches specifically designed for tightening and removing 9/16”, 5/8” and ¾” fuse nuts
    • Fuse cap remover for all fuse door caps
    • Wirecutter to trim fuse link
  • 10” length for added leverage and cutting power
  • Knurled all-metal handles for a secure grip that will not deteriorate
  • Includes truck door storage holder
  • Forged steel for maximum durability and long life
  • High visibility ink-filled sizes for easy identification
  • Cuts #2 ACSR and soft wire
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