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3 598,76$Prix

The launch of the Platinum Kit by Lineroots Supply, specifically designed for the VOLTA program, signifies a major advancement in preparing individuals for a profession in the high voltage electrical sector. This all-encompassing kit unites top-tier hand tools with enhanced climbing gear, offering all the essentials to begin an exhilarating path toward achieving Journeyman Lineman status.

  • Kit Breakdown

    1 42266-BL Buckingham 5 Pocket Black Leather Tool Holster $91.68
    1 4570B2 Buckingham Nut & Bolt Bag  $40.00
    2 2402G Buckingham Handline Carrier Hook $6.40
    1 20192CMS Buckingham Shortback Mobility Belt Adjustable  $605.00
    1 A94K1V-BL Buckingham BuckAlloy Black Climber Kit  $754.95
    1 92CM8-8 Buckingham- Buck LeverJust W/ Treble Kern Tough Rope  $601.95
    1 490DRDS Buckingham Rope Distribution EZ Squeeze™ with Locking Snaps $877.00
    1 5182BLA Klein Tool Bag W/ Rain Covers $145.00
    1 10 Buckingham Climber Shield  $41.25
    1 6303 Buck Gaff Maintenance Gauge $12.79
    1 48-22-9216M Milwaukee Linemans 5-in-1 Ratcheting Wrench w/ Milled Face $125.00
    1 48-22-6510 Milwaukee 10-inch Straight Jaw Pliers $13.00
    1 48-22-7412 Milwaukee 12" Adjustable Wrench $22.75
    1 LMP-1 Madi- High Leverage Lineman Pliers W/ Crimper $36.00
    1 MPFR-6 MADI- Fiberglass Folding Ruler W/ Inside Read $20.00
    1 48-22-2859 Milwaukee- Demo Driver $17.88
    1 CMLH-1 MADI- Claw Milled Lineman Hammer $40.88
    1 FBSK-1 MADI-Fixed Blade Skinning Knife $17.54
    1 RW4 MADI- 4-1 Insulated Ratcheting Speed Wrench $39.74
    1 WH23R FENIX Head Lamp $59.95
    1 LR Shipping And Handling $30.00
  • About The Kit

    The Platinum Kit from Lineroots Supply is the epitome of excellence in tool sets tailored for professionals in the high voltage electrical industry, particularly linemen. This assortment of hand tools and gear is a reflection of not only superior craftsmanship but also a dedication to safety, durability, and precision. Let's explore the features that make the Platinum Kit a top choice for those dealing with high-voltage electricity:

    1. **Uncompromised Safety**:

    The Platinum Kit prioritizes safety with tools designed to withstand high voltages without compromising the user's well-being. Insulated tools and safety-first designs ensure that linemen can perform their tasks with confidence and protection. 2. **Built for the Long Haul**: Crafted from high-quality materials, the tools in the Platinum Kit are engineered to endure the tough conditions of the electrical industry. This durability means that the tools can withstand heavy use and resist wear and tear, saving time and resources in the long term.

    3. **Precision and Control**:

    The kit includes tools that require precision, such as screwdrivers for delicate tasks. These tools are designed to offer the control and accuracy necessary for working on sensitive electrical components, ensuring that every task is completed with finesse.

    4. **Versatility for Every Task**:

    The Platinum Kit offers a versatile selection of tools that cater to the diverse needs of the high voltage electrical industry. This versatility allows linemen to tackle a wide range of tasks, from routine maintenance to complex installations, with the right tool for the job.

    5. **Professional-Grade Quality**:

    Lineroots Supply's commitment to exceptional quality is evident in the Platinum Kit. These tools exceed industry standards, making them a reliable choice for linemen who demand the best from their equipment.

    6. **Trusted by Professionals**:

    The confidence Lineroots Supply has in their product is reflected in their guarantee of exceptional quality. This commitment to excellence is a significant factor for professionals who rely on their tools daily. It instills trust and reassurance that the Platinum Kit is a worthy investment in their livelihood. For linemen and professionals in the high voltage electrical industry, the right tools can significantly impact efficiency, safety, and job satisfaction.

    The Platinum Kit from Lineroots Supply is designed to meet these needs head-on, providing an all-in-one solution that is as reliable as it is versatile. It's not just a toolkit; it's a partner in every task, big or small, ensuring that linemen are equipped to face the challenges of their demanding profession with confidence.


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