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VOLTA- Bronze Package

VOLTA- Bronze Package

3 043,72$Prix

Introducing the electrifying Bronze Kit from Lineroots Supply!


Get ready to power up your journey in the high voltage electrical world with this all-inclusive set of entry-level hand tools and climbing gear. Designed specifically for the VOLTA program, this kit is the ultimate companion to kickstart your electrifying career!


  • Kit Breakdown

    1 42266-BL Buckingham 5 Pocket Black Leather Tool Holster $91.68
    1 4570B2 Buckingham Nut & Bolt Bag  $40.00
    2 2402G Buckingham Handline Carrier Hook $6.40
    1 20192CMS Buckingham Shortback Mobility Belt Adjustable  $605.00
    1 SBG94089AQ1 Buck Climber Kit (SBG94089A, 3502C, 6909A) ITEMS SPLIT** $495.71
    1 9-8Q2 Buckingham- Buck Adjuster with Linkless Snap $354.00
    1 490DRDS Buckingham Rope Distribution EZ Squeeze™ with Locking Snaps $877.00
    1 5182BLA Klein Tool Bag W/ Rain Covers $145.00
    1 10 Buckingham Climber Shield  $41.25
    1 6303 Buck Gaff Gauge $12.79
    1 95-BWS3 MADI Tri- Square Big Wrench $115.00
    1 48-22-6510 Milwaukee 10-inch Straight Jaw Pliers $13.00
    1 48-22-7412 Milwaukee 12" Adjustable Wrench $22.75
    1 LMP-1 Madi- High Leverage Lineman Pliers W/ Crimper $36.00
    1 MPFR-6 MADI- Fiberglass Folding Ruler W/ Inside Read $20.00
    1 48-22-2859 Milwaukee- Demo Driver $17.88
    1 CMLH-1 MADI- Claw Milled Lineman Hammer $40.88
    1 FBSK-1 MADI-Fixed Blade Skinning Knife $17.54
    1 RW4 MADI- 4-1 Insulated Ratcheting Speed Wrench $39.74
    1 56220 Klein Head Lamp $22.10
    1 LR Shipping & Handling $30.00
  • About The Kit

    Unleash your potential with the Bronze Kit's hand tools, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the high voltage electrical industry. From sturdy wrenches to precision screwdrivers, every tool is engineered to deliver maximum performance and ensure your safety while working with powerful currents. With Lineroots Supply, you're guaranteed exceptional quality that withstands even the most electrifying challenges!


    But that's not all! The Bronze Kit also includes state-of-the-art climbing gear that will elevate your skills to new heights. Safely ascend to those hard-to-reach places with confidence and ease, thanks to the premium quality gear included in this electrifying package. Whether you're climbing poles or conquering towers, the Bronze Kit has got you covered!


    Don't miss out on this electrifying opportunity to equip yourself with the best tools and gear tailored specifically for the VOLTA program. Get your hands on the Bronze Kit from Lineroots Supply today and embark on an electrifying adventure that will power up your career like never before! 

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