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Bierer Meters- AV40

Bierer Meters- AV40


The AV-40 is a non-contact voltage indicator with an audible and visual alarm to indicate the presence of voltage, with an operating range from capacitive test point /secondary voltage to 40kV (line to ground). Activation threshold meets ASTM requirements. Can be used as a stand-alone Voltage Detector without second probe

  • Non-Contact Audible Visual detector for Underground & Overhead Applications
  • Calibrated threshold is Minimum Approach Distance for each Overhead Setting
  • Meter Assembly is over voltage protected
  • Incidental direct contact will not damage the unit
  • Watertight construction
  • Fully repairable for a low cost of $75 after 1-year free replacement warranty expires
  • Super bright LEDs and ultra loud horn guarantees operator seeing & hearing unit
  • Built in Test position is standard for all units
  • May also be used as a direct contact voltage detector
  • Standard Universal/Grip All Adapter is included with every unit


Each kit includes:

  • Instruction manual
  • Small bag
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