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Twistarp- 7' x 7' Dirt Lifting Tarp

Twistarp- 7' x 7' Dirt Lifting Tarp

SKU: 7X7
  • Made in USA
  • 7’x 7’ or 2.13M x 2.13M
  • Lift rated 4000 LBS or 1814 KGS
  • 3/8 yard or .3 cu. meters of dirt or gravel for 55' poles and URD jobs
  • Auger dirt may be shaken on to TWISTARP™


What is TWISTARP™ and Who is it Intended for?

A TWISTARP™ is a wide flat lifting sling that is available in a variety of sizes *and rated capacities to fit your needs.

It was designed by a 35-year veteran Line Foreman who saw a need to reduce the risk of injury and lessen the difficulty of the work that is required to produce a satisfactory, clean job.

TWISTARP™ is an inexpensive tool that will lessen the physically demanding efforts of utility workers in the field, making their job easier, cleaner and faster. This means the worker can accomplish more in a given amount of time, saving the utility company money on a continuing basis.

The cost of one TWISTARP™ utility blanket is less than the rate charged per hour for two men and one line truck.

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