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Bierer Meters- HP72DCXL

Bierer Meters- HP72DCXL


The HI Pot Device is designed to Hi Pot de-energized 15kV class cables. The tool transforms 18 Volts from the battery to approximately 8,000 volts DC. When the battery is installed and the safety switch is in the closed down position, the unit is in voltage detection mode. The unit should be in this position when installing the device, as it will sound a warning alarm if you approach an energized source. When the safety switch is lifted and the toggle switch is switched up, the unit is in the Hi-Pot mode and the high voltage DC is being applied.  


0-7.2kV hi-pot meter includes 1 bushing adapter, 1 grip all, manual, hard case (no battery/charger)



  • Small and Lightweight.  
  • Clear analog indication of "Good" or "Bad" cable.  
  • Much safer because operator no longer has to daisy chain primary.  
  •  No primary voltage is required.    
  •  One year warranty on parts and labor. 
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