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NOTCH EQUIPMENT- APTA : Air Powered Tree Access

NOTCH EQUIPMENT- APTA : Air Powered Tree Access

SKU: 39994

The Air Powered Tree Access launcher is the fastest, most accurate, dependable, and satisfying way to get your throwline where you want it to go. Now improved with an easy-pull valve handle, a shorter compression chamber, and longer barrel, the APTA is faster to pump, easier to use, and just as accurate as always.

  • Tech Specs

    Combined with a basic bike pump (not included) or metered air connection the aluminum APTA-85 line launcher allows users to quickly set lines at heights in excess of 100'.

    The new super smooth valve is faster, lighter weight, easier to pull, and much more accurate, and the smaller compression chamber and longer barrel make it faster and easier to pump.

    • Powerful line launcher
    • Durable
    • No rubber bands or parts that require replacement
    • No effort required to hold and aim
    • No trigger necessary
    • Repeatable results
    • Recommended Throw Weight:  Notch 14oz Throw Weight
    • Weighs < 7.5 lbs
    • Length: 54"
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