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Rescue Randy (55") with Harness and Coveralls

Rescue Randy (55") with Harness and Coveralls

SKU: 6933-165

This harness/belt combination was designed for use with Buckingham’s Rescue Buck (P/N: 694) or Rescue Randy (P/N: 6933-165). This harness allows for pole-top rescue (hip D-rings) or tower rescue (dorsal D-ring) to be performed during a training situation. The built-in leg straps are designed to prevent the mannequin from slipping out of the belt.

This is the same harness used in the Hurtman Rescue event at the Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo. The harness/belt combination will fit the Rescue Buck and all sizes of the Rescue Randy as well.

  • Tech Specs


    MODEL NUMBER: 6933-165
    PRODUCT NAME: Rescue Randy with Harness & Coveralls
    HEIGHT: 55"
    WEIGHT: 165 lbs.
    MATERIAL: Cast Vinyl
    JOINTS: Articulated
    HARNESS: 38523Q9-M
    COVERALLS: Full-body coveralls included with purchase (colors may vary)
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