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Working Athlete- Green Infusion

Working Athlete- Green Infusion



• Potent Adaptogenic Herbs*
• Suppress Hunger & Minimize Cravings*
• Boost Metabolism*

Reinvigorate your digestive function and restore a healthy gut microbiome by regularly consuming the powerful phytonutrients in Green Infusion. Packed into each serving are a metabolism-enhancing blend of super-greens, super-fruits, vegetable extracts, adaptogenic herbs, and probiotics.*

Strengthen Digestive Function - A potent complex of probiotics improves your metabolism efficiency and reinforces the strength of your immune system.*
Support Immune System - A strong superfruit blend loaded with antioxidants boosts your immune system and reduces harmful inflammation.*
Lose Body Fat - With the phytonutrient equivalent of 5 servings of fruits & vegetables, Green Infusion is rich in thylakoids - a spinach extract that suppresses hunger and minimizes cravings.*

Servings: 30

  • FAQS


    What are the macronutrients in Green Infusion?

    A 7g serving of Green Infusion provides a dietarily negligible amount of macronutrients. The extracts are rich in other components (phytonutrients) that are not proteins, fats, nor carbs.

    Can I cook with Green Infusion or mix it in hot water?

    There is no problem with warm water but hot water and cooking would kill the probiotics and potentially inactivate some of the herbal constituents. We recommend that you prepare meals and add Green Infusion (if possible) once the food has cooled to a consumable temperature. This should protect all sensitive ingredients.

    Does Green Infusion have an alkalizing effect on the body?

    Green Infusion could definitely be considered an alkaline ash food as its composition is primarily from the phytonutrient equivalent of vegetables. Consuming foods on the acidic side of the pH spectrum such as meats, fish, dairy, eggs, and grains should be balanced with more basic foods (plant-based).

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